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We have more than 10 years of experience with excursions in Arctic Norway.
Our managing director in Tromsø, Mr. Knut Schreuder, is a local with extensive knowledge of Tromsø and the very best it has to offer. Knut´s people skills and experience wihtin logistics makes every trip run like clockwork.

All our guides really love their job and are always ready to assist you. With their solid backgrounds and local knowledge, they guarantee a safe and memorable stay with all the best of what Arctic Norway has to offer.

The Fjellheisen cable car runs from Solliveien in Tromsdalen up to the mountain ledge Storsteinen (421 m above sea level) in just four minutes. The two gondolas, known as Seal and Polar bear, each have a capacity of 28 passengers. From the viewing platform at the upper station, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Tromsø and the surrounding islands, mountains and fjords. At the fully licensed Fjellstua restaurant, you can have a delicious dinner based on local produce or select light meals from the café menu, while enjoying stunning views of Tromsø town and its vast surrounding Arctic landscapes.

Welcome to the Tromsø Cable Car – proud supplier of views since 1961.

Tromsø is the Gateway to the Arctic. It has the most Northern Lights in the world, 2 months of Midnight Sun, a lively, a colourful downtown rich in Arctic history, and is surrounded by the drama of the Lyngen Alps, blue fjords and hundreds of islands. All this and just a surprise 2000 kms from the North Pole!

At a latitude of nearly 70 degrees North, four days of sailing from Bergen and a two-hour flight from Oslo, Murmansk or Longyearbyen, rests the capital of Northern Norway. The gateway to the Arctic is situated at the same latitude as Alaska and Siberia, between islands, fiords and mountain peaks in the most spectacular of Arctic scenary.

A century ago, visitors were surprised to find culture, intellectual life and the current fashions so far North, and the city derived it´s other nickname, Paris of the North. That reputation lives on today. Visitors to Tromsø are charmed by the city’s patriotic, loud and obliging residents, by a historical, compact and characteristic town centre, and by a lively and active cultural scene all year round. They also come for the Northern Lights, Polar Nights and the Midnight Sun in the summer.  Tromsø´s excellent attractions also include the wildly varying weather and the ample opportunity for experience - based travel.

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